Winter is coming in Bruges

By November 29, 2017Things to do in Bruges


With the holiday season on our doorstep, the city of Bruges is gearing up for the winter season. Wintry events are popping up everywhere, adding to the already cozy atmosphere. Thanks to thousands of lights, pine scent, hot waffles and glühwein, the intimate city centre is that little bit more extra magical.

First and foremost of to-do’s in the city is the christmas market. In the beautiful inner city of Bruges, two christmas market take place. The illuminated ice skating rink on the Markt is a top recommendation. The ice rink is a kid’s favourite and while the christmas market itself is not that big, it’s very atmospheric. The Burg sports a huge christmas tree and on Simon Stevinsquare you can go christmas shopping to your heart’s content. The stalls and boots offer a lot of christmas decorations but you can easily pick up a new wintery outfit as well to brave the season’s cold. Feeling a little chilly regardless? Take a sip of the delicious glühwein on offer, or munch on a scalding hot waffle to get your blood flowing again.

Has the glühwein made you a little sleepy? Maybe a ride on the tallest ferris wheel in Europe (60 meter or 196 feet high) will wake you up. The ferris wheel is bound to offer a fantastic view of the city. Being up that high will almost certainly give you ideas of where to go next but we will tell you some of our favourites anyway.

On the Stationsquare, our yearly Icesculpting Festival is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Disneyland Paris. Artists from across the globe create a fairytale world of ice starring your most beloved Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars figures. About twentyfive truckloads of crystal clear ice are dumped under the roof of a gigantic fridge where the temperature is a constant -6°C. We recommend stopping by the christmas market first to pick up some warm clothes. The gigantic 2 to 6 meters sculptures are sure to awe and inspire you.

In the event that none of these tickle your curiosity, you can always visit the historic Old Saint John’s Hospital. “Winter Moments With Flowers” takes place in the magnificent décor of the hospital by the idyllic Reien at the heart of our medieval town. International artists scatter winter flowers throughout the hospital in the theme of “Christmas around the World”. Inspired by the ingenious books by Jules Verne, the artists attempt to enchant visitors with an inspiring array of flowers.

No matter where you go in Bruges during the winter season, you’re likely to sniff up some of the holiday cheer. It’s a fantastic way of seeing the city at its best, to relax and to brighten up your winter blues.

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