Pubs in Bruges with Live performances in July or August

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Live Bands play for Free in Pubs every Wednesday in July or August

Klinkende Kroegen, stands for Live performers in  Pubs in July or August in Bruges.

This means  3 performers in 3 pubs per night. Between 20u and  24u.

Agenda july and august Bruges 2017

5 july:

  • De Coulissen, Jakob van Ooststraat 4: DJ Andrew met Violinvasion
  • Rode Kruisopvangcentrum Patio, Vlamingstraat 55: Moonai People
  • Café Vlissinghe, Blekerstraat 2: Basement

12 july:

  • ‘t Hof van Beroep, parking Vuldersreitje: Calling Susan / Loudfire
  • Lokkedize, Korte Vuldersstraat 33: Women On Top
  • The Reflex, Predikherenstraat 35: Wasted 24/7 / Citizinsane / Guilty as Charged

19 july:

  • ‘t Verdriet van België, Kraanplein 1a: Alpha Whale
  • De Halve Maan, Walplein 26: Les Croissant Belges / Yves Bondue
  • Punta Est, Predikherenrei 1: DJ Andrew, viool, saxofoon & surprise act

26 july:

  • Café Rose Red, Sint-Jansplein: De Breeee Veertien / Tommy & The Wildflowers featuring Claudia Decaluwe
  • De Belleman Pub, Jozef Suvéestraat 22: Cajun Moon
  • Snuffel, Ezelstraat 47-49: Themoodofsteffie / Rhinos are People too

2 august:

  • l’Estaminet, Park 5: Rhythm Deep & special guest
  • The Monk, Vlamingstraat 37: The New Image
  • La Casita, Sint-Salvatorkerkhof 5: Team Latino

9 august:

  • Delaneys Irish Pub, Burg: Barabas
  • Molenhuis, Potterierei 109: Mr. Lemming featuring Sandrine
  • 27b Flat, Katelijnestraat 27b: The Fortune Tellers

16 augustus:

  • Comptoir des Arts, Vlamingstraat 53: Steven Troch Band
  • De Republiek, Sint-Jakobsstraat 36: SCHNTZL / Tangram Labelnight met Moodprint & Uphigh Collective
  • Vino Vino, Grauwwerkersstraat 15: Long Tall Danny & His Bluescombo

23 augustus:

  • ‘t Hof van Rembrandt, Eiermarkt: Edje Ska & The Pilchards
  • ‘t Gezelleke, Carmersstraat 15: The Claeyssons
  • Pergola Kaffee & Charlie Rockets, Meestraat 7: voorprogramma / Doghouse Rose

30 augustus:

  • De Vetten Os, Beursplein: Tropical party met Damp Oord!
  • ‘t Risico, Jeruzalemstraat 53: Cosy Corner
  • Winebar Est, Braambergstraat 7: Boogie Train



Where gastronomy meets Bruges: Kookeet

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FOODFESTIVAL and gastronomic event with 32 Topchefs !
Three days long top chefs from Bruges and one visiting chef serve gastronomic dishes at reasonable prices.
Piet Huysentruyt, chef of the gourmet restaurant Likoké in the Ardèche, is the visiting chef on the seventh edition.
Chefs from Bruges who participate are without exception high class culinary chefs, with one or even more Michelin stars, a Bib Gourmand or Gault Millau award..
Participating Restaurants Kookeet 2017
De Jonkman**
Auberge de Herborist*
Sans Cravate*
Assiette Blanche
Bistro Bruut –
Bistro Refter
Bonte B
Cantine Copine
The Chocolate Line
De Mangerie –
Den Dyver
Den Gouden Karpel
De Visscherie
D’s Deldycke Traiteurs
Kok au Vin
Le Mystique
La Tâche
gastchef Piet Huysentruyt
Patisserie Academie
Restaurant Patrick Devos –
Ducheyne Atelier
‘t Pakhuis
Tête Pressée
Zet’joe (Geert Vanhecke)
Place to be
Saturday 23, sunday 24 and monday 25 September 2017
Station Square Bruges, backside St Michiels
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Local Heroes
Astridpark 27/08
Chefs from Bruges, food from Bruges, Fun from Bruges
Koningin Astridpark is a classic just-around-the-corner-get-away-from-the-crowd place.
serviced apartments bruges

Serviced Apartments Brussels-Ghent-Bruges: Frequently Asked Questions

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What are Serviced Apartments? A serviced or selfcatering apartment is the perfect combination between staying in a hotel and renting an apartment. What are the differences between hotels and serviced apartments?

What is a serviced apartment?

A serviced apartment or business apartment is a sort of accommodation that can be booked on mid or longterm basis, features kitchen facilities and an optional maid service. Rates generally reduce as the length of stay increases.

What is the difference  between hotels and serviced apartments?

A typical serviced apartment or selfcatering apartment offers 1/3  more space than a hotel room, with separate areas for  working, eating and sleeping.

The majority of serviced apartments have free Wi-Fi, and some in Brussels even offer rental of office equipment such as printers or copiers. .

For stays of one week or more, the average serviced apartment is 15% cheaper than equivalent hotel accommodation, increasing to 25% after 1 month, and 30% after 3 month.

Is there a minimum length of stay?

Yes. Minimum stay of one week. Please note that the minimum length of stay varies from property to property.

A greater selection of serviced apartments will be available to you if you book for one week or more.

How do I make a reservation?

Your best approach is to give us a call. Whatever your requirements are, we will suggest a selection of serviced apartments that match your given criteria.

You can also book online.

You can also speak to us online using whatsapp or via Skype.  You can also drop us a quick text.

When do I need to pay?

Reservations are billed at the point of booking and must be paid in full before check-in. Our Account Management team agree a monthly or weekly payment date with you during the reservation stage.

If I cancel, can I get a refund?

Whether you receive a refund is dependent on if you cancel your booking in accordance with the apartment’s cancellation policy.



What kitchen equipment will I find in my serviced apartment?

All serviced apartments have a  kitchenette or fully equipped kitchen.  As a minimum, a kitchen or kitchenette must include:

  • A cooking appliance such as an oven or microwave
  • Fridge
  • Glassware
  • Pots and pans, kitchen appliances
  • Dishwasher


What can I expect in my apartment?

Facilities you can expect to find in every property:

  • Kitchen or kitchenette
  • Sitting or living area
  • Sleeping area
  • Shower
  • Appliances, furnishings, kitchenware, bedding, linen and towels.
  • Furniture
  • Free Wi-Fi and TV package

Will there be WIFI access?

All serviced apartments have free Wi-Fi, and it’s included in the overall cost.

What’s included in a basic welcome pack?

A basic welcome pack contains items like tea, coffee, toilet paper and shower gel. Most properties also provide a small starter pack of water, milk, dishwashing liquid and/or dishwasher tablets.

More extensive welcome packs are often chargeable (cereal, bread, pasta, biscuits, fruit or chocolate).

How do I check-in to my apartment?

Check-in varies from property to property:

  • Self-check-in: you’ll be given access to secure codes for access to the main building and key safe.
  • Off-site check-in and key collection: keys will need to be collected from a location different to that of your apartment.

The standard check-in time is from 15.00, although this is not always the case. Full details of your check-in are provided at the confirmation stage.

What if I need to check in early or check out later ?

Please make this request via mail or phone or during the booking process.

An early check-in is sometimes possible, but needs to be asked in advance. Most properties are able to hold luggage on your behalf while you wait to access your apartment.

What should I do if I have a problem during my stay or on arrival ?

Please refer to the confirmation mail that was sent to you via email when you made your reservation. On your confirmation, you’ll find the following contact numbers:

  • Office number of the property manager
  • Emergency number of the property manager

What are the differences between  a fixed tenancy and serviced apartments?

Benefits of serviced apartments include:

  • Shorter notice period
  • Zero agent fees
  • Minimal paperwork
  • Flexibility to book short stays as one week or month instead of the required six months in a fixed tenancy
  • Freedom to extend or shorten your reservation.
  • A serviced apartment is fully equipped, eliminating the hassle of purchasing appliances, furnishings, kitchenware, bedding, linen and towels.
  • Most bills are included (to a certain maximum)
  • Internet and TV packages are included.
  • Maid service once a week, as a minimum, which includes a full clean and change of all towels and linen should be discussed before reservation.
  • Access to  guest service team at no extra charge.

What’s the pet policy in serviced apartments?

If you wish to bring your pet with you, please make this clear during the enquiry stage, and we’ll find an apartment that allows this.

An additional cleaning charge will be incurred by staying with a pet.

What do I do with my keys upon checking out?

Keys should safely be returned to reception or left in your property.

What security features do serviced apartments offer?

It is important to note that the Fire Safety Certificate is an approval of the fire safety of each apartment. (Vincotte fire safety certificate)


How many guests can stay in my apartment?

The maximum occupancy of each apartment type varies. Typically, the below rules apply

  • One bedroom apartment – two people
  • Two bedroom apartment – four people

When making your enquiry, please inform us of the exact number of guests (adults, children)  you need to accommodate,  and we’ll do our best to source the right properties.

Some apartments have cots or sofa beds available to allow one extra guest. If this is required, please let us know upon enquiry.

Is it possible for me to view an apartment before I make a reservation?

Yes. To arrange a viewing please contact us and we’ll organise a viewing for you. These visits depend on availability at the property in question.

Can I smoke in my apartment?

No!  All serviced apartments are non-smoking. Smoking may be permitted in external areas, such as balconies, roof terraces…

How do I make a payment?

When making a payment, you have two main options:

  • Bank transfer – Iban or Sepa
  • Card Payment – we accept payment in euro via our online payment system, supplied by Stripe or Paypal. This system accepts payment from American Express, MasterCard, Visa, JCB, Maestro and Electron. A 2.95% card transaction fee applies to all card payments.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

A number of properties may require a deposit, which is paid at the time of booking.

Alternative can be a pre-authorisation from a credit card which may then be used to cover any incidental costs occurred during your stay.

Is it safe for me to pay by card?

Yes. When you pay by card we’ll provide you with a payment link to our secure, online payment service provider Stripe or Paypal. This is a PCI compliant service, so none of your sensitive card information is shared with us.

When will you take my payment?

We agree a payment date with you at the reservation stage. Reservations are billed at the point of booking and must be paid in full before check-in.

What’s included in the cost of my serviced apartment?

  • Utility bills: water, heating, electricity, council tax, gas and television licence.
  • basic TV package
  • Wifi
  • Welcome pack

Other services are subject to an additional fee:

  • Maid service
  • Premium TV channels
  • Extra beds for additional guests
  • Parking


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